What do you do with a little girl who loves power tools, blow-torches, and Pearl Jam?  Give her plenty of wood and plenty of space.


     KASEY CALDWELL grew up on Florida’s gulf coast, but being raised in a military family, spent her early childhood in Germany.  She has been creating art for as long as she can remember.

     According to her own self-description, Caldwell could not avoid being an artist – the impulse to create was too strong.  After years of experimenting with various media and themes, Kasey did not truly find her voice, until she fell back on skills and methods learned as a youth while working with her father on construction jobs.

      Kasey’s mixed-media work is vibrant and personal.  Her signature style  combines a color-palette rooted in the coast with an eye for the eclectic.  Inspiration emerges from surprising places.  Common items are combined to suggest un-common relationships.  Everyday materials are polished and worked, and polished and worked again, until the artist’s energy, at once quirky and exuberant, pours forth, bathing the eye and warming the heart.

      As Kasey’s funky arrangements take on a life of their own, they often converse with written words, each element informing and giving the other deeper meaning.  Classic phrases are polished off and given new life.  Lesser-known verses are hugged and given the spotlight, too.  Few artists can claim such an intuitive combination of the aural and visual.  The result is emotive, establishing a strong and deeply personal bond between the artist and her viewer.

      While her art may be soul-food for her loyal fans and lucky show-goers, the artist, herself, runs on her own fuel, operating out of her Nashville home-base. She has shown in galleries in the Southeast and Colorado for over five years, and her appearances on the art-show circuit have created a devoted and widespread following.

      The Spring of 2018 looks to be an even busier touring schedule for Caldwell, with a show schedule that will take her into at least four states throughout the Southeast.  The wave has not yet crested.  It continues to grow.  The word spreads.